The song ‘Águas de Março’ is an iconic Brazilian music composition by Antônio Carlos Jobim, one of the greatest figures in Bossa Nova, regarded as one of the most influential Brazilian composers of the 20th century. Released in 1972, the song became a timeless classic and was immortalized in the voice of Elis Regina, one of the most talented and expressive singers in Brazil.

The story of the song 'Águas de Março'

As reported by Tom Jobim in a memorable interview, the embryo of the song “Águas de Março” had its genesis in 1972, in the lands of his retreat in Poço Fundo, a personal refuge of the illustrious maestro. It was in this intimate environment, immersed in nature yet enveloped in a certain melancholy that pervaded the composer’s days, where the spark of inspiration was ignited. The tranquility he so desired wasn’t possible; the property was undergoing renovations amid the rains of that month. However, it wasn’t just the weather and the construction that inspired Tom. He explained that his greatest inspiration was the poem “The Emerald Hunter” by Olavo Bilac.

The verses of this melody emerged after an exhausting day of work when Jobim found himself weakened by health issues. Accompanied only by his guitar, the chords began to resonate, and thus, the first stanzas took shape, culminating in the iconic chorus: “it’s the waters of March closing summer, it’s the promise of life in your heart.”

The masterful rendition alongside Elis Regina in 1974 immortalized the success of the song, which later gained an English version, also composed by Tom Jobim. In a survey conducted by the newspaper Folha de São Paulo in 2001, the piece was hailed as the best Brazilian song of all time, chosen by journalists and prominent members of the artistic community. In a ranking by Rolling Stone magazine, “Águas de Março” reached the second position, surpassed only by Chico Buarque’s composition “Construção.”

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