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Welcome to the Brazilian History portal, your ultimate destination for exploring and understanding Brazil’s rich history. Here, we’ve assembled a variety of engaging and informative articles covering the most significant moments in Brazil’s past, from the events that shaped our nation to opinions on current events.

Our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive and accessible perspective on Brazilian history. Our articles are carefully written, ensuring the accuracy and quality of each published article. We want to bring the story to life, making it interesting and relevant for all readers. We are also dedicated to sharing fascinating facts about the country. These curiosities provide a unique and captivating insight into lesser-known aspects of Brazilian history, helping to broaden your knowledge and understanding of our culture.

At Brazilian History, we also value opinion and reflection. In our opinion pieces, we discuss recent events and their impact on Brazilian society. We want to provide a space for dialogue and the exchange of ideas, inviting you to join the conversation and share your views on historical and current events. Also, we know that reading books is an enriching way to delve deeper into history. Therefore, we provide detailed book reviews on the history of Brazil. Our recommendations will help you discover new works and explore different perspectives on the country’s past.

We are committed to providing an inclusive, respectful and educational space for all readers. We value your participation and encourage you to get involved, share your comments and ideas. Join us on our journey through Brazil’s fascinating historical legacy!

Students and teachers can freely use all the content available on the site for school purposes and the works of art and history mentioned belong to their respective authors.
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Matheus Araújo

Matheus Araújo

Founder and Editor
Matheus is an entrepreneur at Araujo Media, where he serves as CEO and Creative Director. He shares analyses on his personal blog "matheusaraujo.me" and is currently pursuing a degree in Advertising and Propaganda. Moreover, he has a passion for history, particularly that of Brazil, which led him to become the founder and editor of the Brazilian History portal.
Juan de Souza

Juan de Souza

Contributor and Senior IT Specialist
Juan de Souza is the Founder & CEO of TFX, a company specialized in website development, cloud solutions, data security and projects and database management. On the Brazilian History portal, he contributes his skills and knowledge to specific projects and tasks, including technical support, system administration, information security, among others.


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Barbara da Silva

Barbara da Silva

Barbara has a History and teaching degree from UFRRJ and is currently pursuing a second degree in English Language Teaching. Passionate about heritage, culture, and social history topics, she manages the Mare Nostrum - Antiquity and Middle Ages page, collaborates with the Brazilian History portal, and conducts research on the Estado Novo (New State) period.