On August 19, 1969, the establishment of Embraer (Brazilian Aeronautics Company) took place. The organization emerged as part of a Brazilian government initiative within a pivotal plan to establish the national aeronautics industry. Initially, it was structured as a mixed-economy entity under the Ministry of Aeronautics.

Today in Brazil: Embraer was founded

The corporation’s trajectory began in the late 1960s when the Brazilian government launched a strategy to expand the national industry. During this period, there arose the need to acquire a general-purpose aircraft applicable in both civil and military sectors, capable of transporting cargo and passengers. Thus, studies were initiated to design a new aircraft with low operating costs, suitable for connecting remote areas with limited infrastructure.

A group from the Aerospace Technical Center, initially led by French designer Max Holste and supervised by aeronautical engineer Ozires Silva, was tasked with developing the product. The project for the Bandeirante aircraft, initially named IPD-6504, started in 1965 and evolved over three years until its maiden flight on October 22, 1968. This marked the embryonic stage of Embraer, which was officially established in the subsequent year, with Ozires Silva as its first director.

In May 1971, Embraer began the sequential production of the Bandeirante, with its first delivery in 1973. At that time, the Brazilian Air Force had requisitioned eighty units of the aircraft. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the company gained significant recognition both nationally and internationally, with its main products being the Bandeirante, Xingu, and Brasília aircraft.

The conclusion of the 1980s was marked by a substantial financial crisis that impacted Brazil’s economy and severely affected Embraer, which came close to shutting down. In 1991, Ozires Silva was invited to reassume the leadership of the company and guide its privatization process. In 1994, during Itamar Franco’s administration, the company underwent an auction.

After several years of privatization, Embraer became the world’s third-largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft. Nowadays, the company produces commercial, executive, agricultural, and military aircraft, as well as aerospace components.

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