The book “Why I Still Remain a Monarchist” by Joaquim Nabuco is a work that explores the personal and historical reasons of the author for maintaining his monarchical position in a republican context. Published in 1913, the book, which was originally released as a letter to the Diário do Comércio, presents arguments based on tradition, political stability, and the characteristics of the monarchical system that Brazil experienced before the military coup of 1889.

Review: Why I Still Remain a Monarchist, by Joaquim Nabuco
Why I Still Remain a Monarchist, by Joaquim Nabuco


Joaquim Nabuco, one of my favorite writers, was a Brazilian liberal, politician, and diplomat who, in this book, draws upon his extensive experience and historical knowledge to defend monarchy as a more suitable form of government for Brazil and the South American continent. He analyzes the transition from Empire to Republic in the country and criticizes the issues that arose after this change, such as political instability, corruption, and a lack of continuity and leadership.

The author also argues that parliamentary monarchy could only have had “as its revolutionary successor, military dictatorship, when its legitimate evolutionary successor was civil democracy; because he believed that the republic in Brazil would be the pseudo-republic that it is throughout Latin America.” He further asserts that “the republic could not function as a free government, and that from the day it was proclaimed, the trust we had built over so many years under the monarchy, that our freedom within the law was inviolable, would disappear.”

Joaquim Nabuco argues that monarchy, with a hereditary head of state, can provide more balanced leadership, detached from partisan interests, and with a greater commitment to the well-being of the nation.

Throughout the book, Nabuco provides a critical analysis of the Brazilian Republic, highlighting its flaws and contradictions, while presenting the benefits and legitimacy of the monarchical system. Although written over a century ago, “Why I Still Remain a Monarchist” remains a relevant read for those interested in the debate between monarchy and republic, offering a thoughtful and well-founded perspective.

“Monarchist without hope of monarchy, what is the purpose? It serves to not be a republican without hope of freedom.” – Joaquim Nabuco

Reference: NABUCO, Joaquim. Porquê continuo a ser monarquista. Brazil: Patris Editora, 2022.

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