On September 18, 1865, the surrender of the Paraguayan Lieutenant Colonel Antonio de la Cruz Estigarribia took place in the presence of Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil and the Presidents Bartolomé Mitre of Argentina and Venancio Flores in Rio Grande do Sul, thereby concluding the first phase of the Paraguayan War. Although the surrender could have marked the end of the conflict, Brazil insisted on the death of Solano López, prolonging the conflict further.

The surrender of Paraguay, marking the end of the first phase in the Paraguayan War
Capitulation of Paraguayans locked in the city of Uruguaiana (L’Illustration: journal universel, Vol. XLVII, nº 1.197, 1866)

In the months following the surrender in Uruguaiana, the allied forces continued their operations and liberated the last Paraguayan strongholds on Argentine territory, including the cities of Corrientes and São Cosme at the confluence of the Paraná and Paraguay rivers by the end of 1865. In the same year, the Triple Alliance launched an offensive with over 50,000 soldiers and prepared to invade Paraguay. The Paraguayan War, which began in December 1864, extended until March 1870.

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