The last photograph of Joaquim Nabuco (1849-1910), taken in Washington, United States, appeared in the Brazilian magazine “Fon Fon” shortly before his death in 1910.

The last photograph of Joaquim Nabuco

In addition to being one of the greatest leaders of the abolitionist movement, Nabuco served as ambassador to the United States (1905-1910), spent many years in both England and France, where he was a strong advocate for Pan-Americanism, presiding over the Third Pan-American Conference held in Rio de Janeiro in 1906.

The last photograph of Joaquim Nabuco
The last photograph of Joaquim Nabuco.

Nabuco was one of the founders of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, occupying the chair dedicated to patron Maciel Monteiro. Among the immortals, he maintained a close friendship with the writer Machado de Assis.

Nabuco suffered from a hematological disease known as Polycythemia Vera, which would ultimately lead to his death. He passed away at the age of 60 in Washington.

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