The Emperor’s Beards: D. Pedro II, The Story of a Monarch in Comics is an adaptation of Lilia Schwarcz’s book, simply titled The Emperor’s Beards. The comic book version was released on January 27, 2014, with the return of Lilia and the assistance of illustrator Spacca. Now, Spacca guides the reader on a true journey through the themes of the book, translating the language of the essay and biography into the vibrant and enlightening universe of comics.

Review: The Emperor's Beards, by Spacca and Lilia Schwarcz
The Emperor’s Beards, by Spacca and Lilia Schwarcz


The comic book is noticeably smaller than Lilia’s “original” book, meaning that everything is presented in a faster and less convoluted manner. You get to know what happened during the Second Reign of the Brazilian Empire in a very enlightening way. Honestly, I really liked the idea of publishing the book in a comic book version and of it being a faster-paced story in this format because I believe it can encourage children to learn more about their country’s history.

The Emperor’s Beards: D. Pedro II, The Story of a Monarch in Comics provides a quick overview of the history of Emperor Dom Pedro II and the Second Reign of the Brazilian Empire. It covers various events, including Pedro II’s birth, Pedro I’s journey to Portugal, Pedro II’s coronation, the “Europeanization” of the Empire, the emergence of Baron of Mauá, the War of Paraguay, Pedro II’s travels, the 1889 coup, and much more, leading up to the death of Emperor Pedro II.

At the end of the comic book, there is a “Making Of” section featuring character studies, details about slavery, the book’s chronology, a photo session from the War of Paraguay, a photo session highlighting the inspirations behind the illustrations, and finally, a section showcasing important thinkers and authors in Brazilian history.

Reading The Emperor’s Beards: D. Pedro II, The Story of a Monarch in Comics is quite simple, and the illustrations are marvelous, truly spectacular. The comic book can be recommended to those who want to learn about the history of Brazil in a quick and detailed manner.

“The Emperor is in Brazil, I am just a Brazilian citizen.” – D. Pedro II, upon his arrival in the United States

Reference: SPACCA, and Lilia Schwarcz. As barbas do imperador: D. Pedro II, a história de um monarca em quadrinhos. Brazil: Quadrinhos na Cia, 2014.

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